Engine swap challenge- any rear sump oil pan suggestions for an 85 140 series block (20 bolt) - 4x4 swap?


Jun 5, 2001
We have an 85 140 series 3.8 (20 bolt pan) going into an 88 4x4 Ford Ranger with an '80 Carbed Turbo setup. Stock simple rebuild on the motor- no major upgrades. OUR Challenge is the motor w/ stock center sump pan is located directly above the engine crossmember and the rear TTB suspension mount. We can obviously lift the engine higher in the frame for clearance, but it would necessitate lifting the body another inch or two. (My son's truck and he wants to stay with the 2" suspension lift and 1" body lift.) It looks plenty high enough now- Kinda in a stuck spot here. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas? The only non-stock pan I can find is the deep sump RJC and that will just make the problem worse. Thanks for any help!
I'm not seeing anything aftermarket in a 20 bolt pan. Might have to get yours modded or get another and mod it into a rear sump or front sump depending on your particular needs.
Draw a pic of what you want with dimensions. Any competent metal fab guy can do it. I've done many dozens. Not a big deal. Make sure you have them do a pickup too. It's easier if you have an empty block (borrow a junk one, the project will be cheaper, especially the pickup).
Expect about $200 for both, depending what u need, and where in the country you are located.