Engine temp for electric fans

1984 t-type

Murphy's Law
Jul 11, 2010
At what temp should I set my fans to kick on at? Using a aftermarket kit not going through the factory harness. Also do you guys think that the kits with the radiator probs are any good? Any help is greatly appricated.
best way is a stand-alone fan controller independant of the factory wiring etc...
using a 3/8 NPT thermo switch as opposed to a probe is the best way
These flex-a-lite adjustable controllers are awesome, but man have they gotten expensive! I have used these on several cars, but they were a lot more appealing when they were 45$ They use a temperature probe and work great. I just get the temperature up on the car driving for a while. When I get home I turn the scanmaster to coolant temperature and wait until it gets to the temperature I want the fan to turn on and then turn the knob on the fan controller down until it clicks the fan on. I also like these because you don't have to change anything if you swap thermostats- want to cycle fan at a different heat range in summer, etc.

The other good thing about these is that they have an AC relay built in too. There may be other controllers out there that are better, but I haven't used one yet.

Flex-a-lite 30332 - Flex-a-lite Adjustable Electric Fan Controllers - Overview - SummitRacing.com