Exhaust question?


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Apr 30, 2003
I'm looking to just get my car on the road. There is no exhaust at all on it right now, jusat the stock downpipe. My car is very light with all the fiberglass, and mu goal is high to mid 11's. I have a 3" 2 chamber flowmaster laying around. Can I just run my exhaust thru it and out in front of the tire for now? I've seen people do this before. Whatcha think? I want to get the car lined out and running good and then start doing more serious mods.
John Welch
As long as you can find a way to hang it out in front of the rear tires, i dont see why not. I also have seen people do this before and it looks pretty good
Pipe Size?

Just one pipe exiting on the passenger side in front of the tire? What size pipe? I guess since the downpipe is 2-1/2" that would be ok huh? I was thinking about making it 3" for future bigger downpipe. Car will see very limited street use. John;)
Iam a lil confused here but you want to run a muffler attached to your dp?, why not just run the dp open , thats what i do most of the time. but i say go with ATR 3" thats what iam gonna go up to.
Easy Answer for ya!!!!!

If it was up to me , between the down pipe an putting my exhaust into a Flowmaster. Well I would throw the flowbastard in the garbage. For our cars they are crap. How about straight pipes?? What ever ya do do not put that on there even if its temporarily.
Just have a muffler shop bend a 3" pipe for you from the DP and get a 3", $20, Summit turbo muffler. Have the muffler shop make you a turn down before the rear axle tube. Hanger behind muffler and you're GOOD TO GO! ;)