Exhaust setup for my new DP.. question.


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May 27, 2001
After taking off my cat to get room to put the DP on.. i came to find out it was ALREADY GUTTED. I thought that was pretty funny myself... anyway.. I had thought the extreme boost drop (a good 5psi!) when my exhaust was bolted up was due to the cat.. and now I see that my dual 2.25" pipes (no mufflers) were just too small... everyone should keep that in mind...

anyway.. what im planning on doing now is removing the 2.25" system completely. Then getting dynomax race magnum bullet, and putting it inside the cat shell (ooo.. sneaky..) because some cops around here have been looking for cats and writing tickets.. anyway, so that would be my ATR dp clamped to a 2.5 to 3" uhh.. reducer.. welded to a 3" in out 12" long race magnum bullet.. then just a weld on a small turnout on the end of the muffler to get the sound out from under the car. I cant see that setup producing any backpressure at all...

the other solution would be a single 3" exhaust going straight back over the axle and out the side.. however this 3" would NOT be mandrel so I dont know if that'd be a big problem.. afterall the dp is 2.5" so as long as the pipe was still 2.5" in the bends.. it *should* be alright.. right?

any ideas guys? Also id like to know if someone knows the legality (in texas) of an exhaust that exits before the rear tire.. afterall ford trucks for a bout 2 years had exhaust exiting right there... id assume itd ok for my car (except the fact my cat is empty, ha!)

anyway.. thanks guys.
You should be alright with the "cat" in place with a turn down. My dad's car didn't have any problem here in CA with a cat and a turndown bolted to the cat. The guy just shoved his probe into the cat.
not sure

It's been some time since Iv'e dealt with the subject but, if I remember correctly ford got away with the exit in front of the wheels because it was pass the cab of the truck. Someone told me some years ago long as the exit of the exhaust pass the rear of the last place some one would be seated it was ok. In your case if it dosen't pass the back seat or 1\4 window it may not pass. A few years ago dumping at the rear end was legal around here.
Ford also had to recall all the passenger side wheels because it was affecting the finish and turning the tire green. See what happens when they try to save a buck. It must suck to have to deal with all that emmisions junk.

ATR Singleshot....


It's worth it to do it right the first time. The 3" Singleshot is nice!
Install a new 3" Cat converter (or talk someone into giving you an old one that has been punched out).
i agree with louie on this one.i drive my car every day and i'm glad i forked out the cash for the 3" ss singleshot.i'm glad we don't have the cat problems around here:).
thats the thing. this exhaust would be an exhaust for $40. i do NOT have the money to shell out for a single 3" anything. I have other things I need to spend money on before I go all out on an exhaust.. like seats, my headliner, gauges, a scantool, etc etc..