"NO its not a MONTE"
Apr 20, 2003
Im going to get a 3" THDP,and a electric cut-out3".I have a 2 1/2 hooker now,is their somekind of adapter for this,or should I get a 3" exhaust system(I like the hooker)??THANX
The THDP adapts to any cat back exhaust. I don't see the point of the cut out though, other than to make a lot of noise. The car will be just as fast through the hookers as it would through the cut-out (unless you are using flowmasters or Turbo style mufflers).
the only reason i see for the cutout is the cool noise(or annoying, whichever you prefer) and if you really want it, get a dump pipe($50) as opposed to an electric cutout($180) which will most likely leak and annoy you even more