Factory ECU vs upgraded new ECU what does this mean?


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Nov 12, 2002
So been talking to a shop and only way they will work on my car is with new upgraded ECU ( not factory ECU) ….. my questions here are what does this consist of ? What is needed and is it readily available? What exactly am I getting into if I choose this route ? And last is it necessary?
Thats a shaky start to begin a client/mechanic relationship for a shop to say you have to spend $2500 off the bat for us to work on your car,
Id find someone else, no telling what your repair bills will be.
This is based on a complete 4.1 longblock build from oil pan to intake all ported and matched but won’t install or tune with factory ECU. All i would really want is to get a bottom end solid forged build and take it from there but can’t seem to get that anywhere
For a complete engine build and install it doesn’t seem unreasonable to require an upgraded ECU. The new ECU’s have features in them to protect the engine against nasty things like over boost, lean air/fuel ratio, or low fuel pressure. The stock ECU can’t do that.
Did they tell you what ECU they prefer to work with, Holley, Haltech?

You can update the whole harness if you want considering the age and then specify the connector ends for say a Holley or ECU-GN. If I had to guess I'd say they want a Holley Hp in the car to tune.

There's more to inquire about like, do they know what they're doing with a GN on a Holley etc? This can get very expensive fast.
Where do I find u?
He’s just saying they can tune it all. Spool is NY way. If ya wanna find someone, ya need to look in CA.

Turbo Lou is out there. Not sure how busy he is, & there are probably a few more out that way.