Fade front to back


Goin Sideways
I have a JVC sh77 which has 3 sets of pre-amp outputs (front, back and subwoofer amps). Thing is, I am only using 1 amp. I have 8 speakers being powered by an Orion 25x2 amp. Is it possible, somehow, to get the front to rear fade to work? On my old reciever, it had just one set of pre-amp outputs and I had it wired exactly the same and the front to back fade worked just fine.
For front and rear fade to work, you have to have a way of feeding seperate signals to front and rear channels whether it is 4 channel deck power feeding front and rear speakers or using the pre-amp cables (front and rear) and 2 seperate 2 channel amplifiers (or a single 4 channel amp)

Not sure how you had your old combo wired but if you are powering 8 drivers off of a 2 channel amp and only one set of 2 channel pre-amps (left and right channel) I am baffled at how you are able to fade front and rear
:confused: please explain :) .