Fan resistor


Oct 18, 2003
Went to move my car today and I noticed the temp was getting a little high. I popped the hood and saw that the fan wasn't working. I touched the resistor and noticed one of the metal tabs is broken off and the wire was hanging. Is there a way to wire around this, should I replace it or is there another option? I've been out of the TR hobby for a while so I'm not sure what the new options are. I also need a radiator. I was hoping to keep the oil cooler but it seems oem radiators are really expensive. A little advice here would be great. Thanks
f body radiator is an economical swap and cools well but doesn't have the oil cooler.
I believe you can jumper the 2 wires and the fan will run on high speed when the temperature calls for the fan. On the radiator, many people use the F body radiators, but they don't have the oil cooler. You have to install a external cooler, or eliminate the oil cooler housing by the filter. And also modify the transmission cooler lines. As you said you wanted to keep the coolers, go with an Alradco radiator. Pricey, but worth every penny. Direct bolt in, extremely high quality.

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