FAST - Bank to Bank vs Sequential


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Seems like a long time ago someone said the Bank to Bank could easily be converted to Sequential but the knock sensor function would be lost? Can anyone verify this and if so, how?
This is a true statement. Currently, sequential systems don't have knock sensor capability. More output capability of the processor is eaten up when each injector is controlled individually, and unfortunately that means having to give certain things up. Knock sensor is one of them. In future versions of this ECU, this will not be the case.

Craig, How is the conversion from bank / bank to sequential made or does it require buying a software upgrade?

Do you mean the ecu, software or both will be modified in the future?
Your ECU must be returned to your dealer, where you may purchase the upgrade.

Anyway, in the not-so-near future, there will be a "new" ECU. Among other improvements, there will no longer be a need to pick and choose between options on any system, bank to bank OR sequential.