FAST code 135??



Hey guys, I am getting a 135 inthe code field, and no where in that tiny little booklet that we got does it fo through codes... What is it??

Also, I would appreciate if you guys can (from FAST) can have a look at my other thread labeld "General Speed-Pro hlep", and maybe gove me some insight...

Oh yeah, how do you change the default dashboard on a particular screen so that the change stays?? When we Datalog, I like dash 8, but dash 11 alwasy pops up whn you hit the space bar. You have to hit D before dataloggin, and then select 9 every time otherwise....

OR, how do you add sensors to a dashboard so that I can change #11 to log 8 sensors instead the 4 it has now??

The "code" sensor field is pretty much meaningless. It is a ram location used to store various system flags that haven't much bearing on any tuning or calibrating activity.

If you press the [D] key while in the data log screen, you can select amongst the different dashboards available with the [PgUp] and [PgDn] key. When you press [Enter], the selected dash should become the default dash for any future logging activity. It will not affect the currently displayed log, just future logs.

You can change which sensors are in which dash from the Dashboard selection of the main menu. Select "Edit Dash" then use the [PgUp] and [PgDn] key to select the dash you want to change. Use the Insert key to add a sensor, delete key to delete the last sensor, and the [Enter] key to change the highlighted sensor. Any changes you make will become the new defaults.

Thanks Lance, but even after I select a particular dash to datalog, and datalog it once, if I leave the datalog screen to look at the VE table or something, and then come back to the datalog screen, and try to log, it reverts back to dash 11!!!

Thats okay now, since I know about the "insert" key....I'll just make 11 have the sensors I want.

Gotta say...COOOOL Program.

THanks again,
I think that's the same problem I had with data logging Toma. I changed dash 11 too. Could have been operator error lol. Had any more luck tuning the car?
I asked you some BBF questions on The Ford Mall. One more thing, did you pick up much going from the Stealth to the Victor? Or just change the power band? Thanks!
If C-Com fails to remember the default dash, it may be because the dash configuration file is corrupt. You could try reinstalling C-Com or if you don't wish to lose your preferences, simply copy the DASH.CFG file from your master diskette. If the problem persists, you should make sure that you are using the lastest version of C-Com. I seem to recall an earlier version of C-Com with a similar bug.