Fast WB placement......


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Aug 2, 2001
I have my Wide band sensor located in the slip collector on my mustang, the headers came equipped with the O2 bung already installed. I ran this all last year. After getting car back together this past weekend and running, I noticed that exhaust is leaking out at the slip fit of the collector to header pipes. What major effects can this cause the actual A/F readings. and would it be better to install a bung in a single header tube as close to the collector as possible.........what is the best and accurate way to go?
The collector is where you want to be, but you probably don't want to have the sensor downstream of an exhaust leak. This generally makes the sensor read full lean and it will POUR fuel into your motor. You'll know right away if this is the case.

Is there any way you can run a little bead of ultra copper where the collector slips on? As long as you let it cure before you run the motor it should work and not get into the sensor.
what about placement for a true dual exhaust?

does it matter which bank you put the sensor in?
up :)

still curious to know if it matters

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Doesn't matter which bank you use. The engine should be doing the same thing in both banks so either side is OK. :)