Fastener question


I took the top of the dash off to replace the speakers and managed to lose all the little bolts that hold the dash top on. ANyone know the size and color so I can get new ones?


Are these the screws you are talking about? Should be 5
The black oxide one is:
OEM - Head -7mm Drive Size T-20 Metric Thread Pitch - 1.5 Length - 19mm (7 x 1.5 x 19)

The self tap zinc plated screw is: Aftermarket
Head - 0.25" Drive Size T-20 Threads per inch - 18 Length - 0.75" (1/4 x 18 x 3/4)

McMasters - Carr carries the Aftermarket Screw Link - Strip-Resistant Steel Drilling Screws for Metal, Standard Head with Torx Drive, Zinc-Plated, Number 8 Size, 3/4" Long
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Need some aftermarket screws? I have a few.
Dash Screws.jpg
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