Fastest 10.5 time


Taking out the Euro trash
My friend's GN on a 10" tire has been 8.27. It's a twin turbo, full weight, street car with a stage motor. I believe he accomplished this back in either 03 or 05. He hasn't run it in awhile, but is looking at breaking into the 7s with modern turbos and a few other updates. Kids in college forced him to shelf it, but hopefully he'll be getting back in the game within the next few years?

Here's him ripping off an 8.31 pass.

That's killer dude I've got a twin turbo stage car and need to get some shakedown runs on it this spring should be deep in the eights with it although hoping to get it further and was just curious how fast the fastest guys are going that aren't single turbo for the TSO class because I don't really care about that