fastest 10.5 tire GN??

3 or 4 candidates...

Richie Kibler's car (see for a link to in-car footage; car has run 5.45@132 in the 1/8th and PT&E's feature says it goes "low 8s at over 160 mph"...

Jim Byrne's car (two tone grey, Dan Strezo from PT&E drives it..) with a single PT-88 and GN1s; has run 8.60s@160+

Terry Houston's car (8.60s also, I believe, single 88, GN1s also).

Dave Bamford's car; twin 63s and S2 heads..ran 9.0 pretty easily in shakedown passes. Hasn't run the # yet I don't think but should soon.

Most of these have 10.5W tires...I guess we can ask Jack Cotton if he thinks that's a real 10" tire. :D
I think Byrne's car has a 4 link..might be ladder bars. Non-stock stuff, anyway. Same with Dave's. Terry Houston's car has H&R Parts stuff under it (stock mounting points, I assume). I have no idea on Kibler's car..I must've seen it run before but I just noticed that stuff on PT&E's site this week. :)

Maybe somebody w/some first hand info will chime in.