fc227 Gn pictures


1986 Grand National
May 28, 2001
Hi Guy's,

Attached to my web site are some pictures og the GN.

Click on "gn.htm"

Nice ride

This is one nice lookin' ride.

I showed these to my 22 month old and he liked your car. His response was "VROOM VROOM"

My 8 month old son was mesmerized. (no kidding.)

I guess I have two little "gearheads in training"

Best of luck with the GN. I still hope that you stay with us "carb folks" Your insight has been extremely helpful.
Connecticut State Police GN...


I traveled the northeast region for many a years. On the Connecticut turnpike I saw State Police GN's surprise the hell out of many speed freaks, (thank god I was'nt one of them :D ).

Anyway, Fred...whatever happened to those GN's? I personally believe that it was the Connecticut State Police that made the GN the legend that it is today, or at the very least contributed in a very huge way.

I'm sure that their must be many of these GN's still lingering around Connecticut.
The CT trooper cars I saw were Turbo T's, not GN's. I remember seeing them for sale when I lived in upstate NY.

The '86 looks good. Hell of a deal. :) There is an 87 that's been sitting (composting) on a used car lot by me. Hasn't run for at least 5 years years. They want $4,000. :rolleyes:

And of course you're always welcome here. Matter of fact, you better not forget use slug-drivers. ;)
hey Fred, you sure you don't want to send the GN to Texas for the winter? I'm sure the weather here would be much nicer on the paint than the snow you're gettin, and I'd be more than happy to take car of it for ya!
Thank you , No , I'll pass on that. This has been a long time in coming.