Feel sick after oil change.....odd


OK this is odd...... So I changed the oil in the wife's Pathfinder tonight and I felt real nauseated after about halfway through. I remember feeling real sick last couple times I did my diesel oil change as well. Does this happen to anyone else? The feeling goes away after an hour or so. Just curious...... :confused:
Are you getting you hands in the oil? You absorb it in your hands. Or maybe the fumes? Try wearing some sergical gloves next time.
Maybe you have some sort of reaction to petroleum. The only thing that makes me nauseous is gear oil some times.
If your not handling the oil product, then it could possible be a medical issue. Possibly vertigo or an inner ear issue. I had this issue back in 96 and in certain positions I got dizzy and nautious.
Are you crawling under the car or do you have it on a rack?? If you are laying under the car it could be vertigo as mentioned above. OR, if you are laying on the floor do you have fiberglass in the concrete? May be a reaction to your skin coming into contact with the fiberglass. Try gloves and a creeper next time.:confused:
hello people; I also believe there's something going on with the inner ear if your in a laying down position. But if it does not happen when you sleep that kicks that out. If it only happened a couple of times I probably would not worry but see a real doc.
Funny a couple of co workers got the flu shot and both had to take time off til they felt better. I got one and felt good but who knows what the bodies going to do next.
Thanks all for the input. Next oil change I'm going to try my paint mask and see if that helps. I had the blue nitrile gloves on the other night and didn't get much on my skin, just a little on the forearms.

I think it's the fumes. Almost instantly after I drained the oil it hit me. Odd thing is I was outside in my driveway, can't get much more ventilated than that. It got worse when I brought the drain bucket inside the garage and transferred it into milk jugs.

I don't think it's an inner ear issue because I never have this problem at work or the gym..... good looking out though, I wouldn't have thought of that.