Feels as like tire breaking loose ,,,help

Evaddave 87gn

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My 200r4 was replaced recently, and the shop was kind enough to replace my BRF with a KFT?, not sure, anyway I am in the process of either installing a BRF valve body and other parts to get it to shift corectly. However I did notice that when It shifts from 2-3 under hard acceleration, it feels as though the tires are breaking loose, although I don't think they are. Any ideas as to what could be casuing this. I had hoped to use this trans untill I saved enough for a PTS unit. Since this was rebuilt, I was hoping to gett away with repalcing a few items, valve body, ect... Hopwever, if this is a major problem then I might as well wait until next year 2007 :( to run with my new Tranny. Any help or suggestions would be great.

If it's still under warranty take it back to them and take the guy for a test drive to show him what it's doing. Usually, repair shops don't drive the cars a hard as the owner does. If it passes the "normal shifting" then they let it out the door. Also, ask them that you want your original BRF trans rebuilt and reinstalled.
You have the infamous 2-3 flare shift. The trans is slipping during the shift. If you let it slip like this only a few times, you will toast the clutches. You need to remedy this right away if it isn't already too late. You need to put a pressure gauge on it to find out what is happening.
2-3 Flare shift

I know the trany is from a 307 motor. But since I no longer have the correct vlave body or govner, or servo, by replacing these is it possible that it would stop this from happing? Or am I better off just replacing? I hate to throw money at it if it won't change anything.