felpro black rtv

the wrath

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i have a friend that used this stuff on valve covers without gaskets. and this isnt like the permatex stuff this actually seals like factory. does anyone know where i can purchase some.he found the tube in his tool box he doesnt know where he got it.
Better choice by permatex is "The Right Stuff" comes in a easy cheese type can. All the parst stores have them hear its by the sealants.
AS far as teh VC goes just get the felpro ones there the dry type and need no sealant and just need to claen all teh surfaces with Brake clean and rock and roll. I have reused them 3 times and they have sealed back dry
Ultra grey rtv is good stuff also.But for the valve covers i would buy felpro prema dry(i think thats the name) gaskets.If you do get them make sure that the corners of the gaskets fit the valve cover correctly.I had to grind the gasket alittle to make it fit right.
GM sells really good sealer. I also use Ultra Black permatex. RTV sucks. The Permadry fel pro gaskets are awesome. I hope they come out with an oil pan gasket like that. I have RJC spacers and stock valve covers. I "glued" the spacers down with ultra black, and used the perma dry on the valve covers, no leaks yet. You do need to cut the top corners on the gaskets with stock valve covers though.