Fiberglassing Ques.


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May 26, 2001
I am really interested in doing this. how could i match the texture of the plastic trim pieces to the pieces that i will be making? Any idea's?
wrap them in vinyl

most spray texture looks like crap and won't resemble the factory "grain" of the plastic.

You can paint it, then use a peace of vinyl pressed on the paint and it will put a grain in the paint, but it is hard to do in large area's
Originally posted by Xtant Regal
wrap them in vinyl

Yupp!! :) If you go to a upholstery shop, you can find some vinyls that have a close grain pattern that you can dye to match. I have had good luck at my local shop going through his vinyl swatches.
Any tips on fiberglassing? I have an extra set of lower concert door panels and it would me awesome to reproduce those to house a 6.5 and a tweet. Right now i am practicing on small stuff.
What kind of fiberglassing mat is the best to use. i am just using what i got from Walmart for now. Also what is grill cloth? Where can you get it?
for mat I used Knytex, it a lot better than the stranded mat from wal-mart. Its a woven fabric so its much stronger. You can buy it from US Composites

For some info on fiberglassing, follow my sig and then go to the stereo link and then scroll to the bottom of the page i have some how-to's on what i did.

For more links: (go to original, second, or new install)

Thos should give you a good idea on how to work with it. :)

Grill cloth is the cloth you make grills from. It doesnt mute/block or alter the sound like any other type of cloth would.
You can get it here, they are a little pricey. also sells grill cloth.

You can also purchase the grill cloth (in different colors) from a car audio shop, that is where I purchase mine. It beats waiting on shipping :eek: .

You can also purchase fiberglass matting from a paint and body supply. I use Sea Glass by evercoat which is a little thicker than the stuff at Wal-mart and is very strong if you are looking for strength. It sells for apx $10.00, and I use it when I am building custom kick panel and door panel pods. Just another option :) .
Grille cloth, lets not forget radio shack!

They dont know jack in the ones around here, so go in looking for it and it SHOULD be in the speaker section.

I dont know that they still have it for sure though..

Later guys - Evan