Finally Got My Trunk Done....PICS!!


Jan 15, 2003
i just got it back from the shop 2 weeks ago and i just got around to taking some pics. it consists of a JL Audio 500/1 sub amp, 300/4 speaker amp, JL 10w6v2 sub, monster cable digital cap, custom interior done by a friend at a local shop.let me know what you guys think.:D

pics here:
well works at my computer fine, sorry.are you sure?let's see if anyone else can see em.
Originally posted by turbocody
well works at my computer fine, sorry.are you sure?let's see if anyone else can see em.

Comes up as the home page for "Webshots" for me.
Looks good man! Why did you go with only one 10"? Install just looks great.....I gottttaaa finish mine......
cause it's one BADA$$ 10" sub that hits like 2 12's,NO JOKE! if i went with a single 12" or 2 10" then i couldn't have done the setup that i did due to the lack of room on the rear shelf. and i really wanted it to look like i have it so i really had no other choice. but damn does it sound good and hit HARD.
Can't wait to hear it Cody! Looks good! I will check out at the races this weekend. I plan to do the same sometime in the future, but first I need to address other stuff on the car first.

aight... give us the hookup.. what do you have in the stereo, speakers etc.. That is a project that is coming up and was curious what you did.
Nice setup. You have any pictures of the build process? You friend interested in building others?

well i have about 3500 invested in it. the sub and amp box was all custom done at Tweeter(local stores in Texas). i have Boston Acoustics 5.25 Pro Series Components up front, Boston RM9's(6x9's in the rear deck), Alpine 7995 head unit. all Monster Cable wiring(i know,EXPENSIVE,but good).monster 1.0farad digital cap.
all of the carpeting and forming of panels besides the sub/amp box was done at a Friends shop here locally. if you guys are interested, and live here locally, i can hook you guys up but if you live outta state then your just gonna have to look around for the best shop like i did. any other questions?

This system for competition? Or personal use? You gotta get the positive terminal on the cap covered. Thats a fire waiting to happen. Electrolytic caps can explode if shorted, just like a battery.
AHHHHHH BOSTONS! LUV EM! Had a set of thier plates back in the day and thier components... Man nice thump with out the 12'
competition??? hell....i was just looking for a damn nice lookin and sounden system. competition is the last thing i would think about this setup. do you really think it's comp. worthy??