First Kill!!


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I was out in my 87 ratty looking (for now) Turbo T going for a little spin around the block. It is burgandy with all chrome. Except for the bulge on the hood and the 235x60 tires it looks like I stole grandma's ride. :D

Well this high school age looking kid pulls up next to me in a new red Mazda RX7. He revs his engine at me and starts looking for the light to turn green.

As the light turns green I put my foot into my T...

The boost builds and I pull out to an easy 3 car length lead and back off. All I needed was a little 0-60 sprint to put the smack down on this guy. :eek:

Too bad I didn't get a chance to tell him my tranny was slipping, the car was tuned like crud and the 100 degree heat and humidity generally makes my car run rotten. :cool:

Not bad for my first kill... of course it had to be a ricer.. on to bigger and badder things...

Nice kill man!!! Was it one of the newer RX-7s?? Just curious, I'm not raising any "BS" flags, just curious what year it was. I know they stopped them in 97. I'm a huge RX-7 fan, but I must say the BUICK is the way to go! Keep it up, when she's running mint you'll be able to show your taillights to about anything!

You are killing me... the dork couldn't catch up to me and I was not able to ask him what year his car was. I am sorry... I should have know better than assuming it was new and not "newer".

Either way, I laid the smack down :)


They changed the body style in 93, and all the 93-97s were twin-turbos and kinda look like Vipers from the front (in your rear-view I guess is more appropriate). Those things are all quick though, so whatever year it was, I'm sure he wasn't expecting to get gunned down by a big ole Buick, good work.
I love Buicks.
But the 93-97 RX7 is one bad car.
I would say he didn't know how to drive or had the touring package ( automatic trans ). The manual trans car is well below 5.0 secs 0-60 with a good driver.
He also has better traction.

Have to admit that being killed by a big ole brick is pretty humiliating......

Go Buick.....
Great kill.....personally, i don't think Mario Andretti could drive that rx7 past you.....hate those ugly things.....good job joel!!
Actually the 3rd gen RX7 was from 1993-1995 even though they are still being produced in Japan - they stopped bringing them over here after the 1995 models sold out. They kind of look like a miata on steroids from the front. I love those cars, they are all twin turboed and 255hp stock, from a 1.3L rotary, kinda in the same situation as us... low displacement/ high HP. I am trying to find a nice 3rd gen R1 for my daily, maybe this spring I'll find a clean one! :cool: hard to find though... and pretty pricey:rolleyes:
Great kill!

I don't want to take anything away from you, but rear wheel drive cars such as RX-7's and Supra's aren't really ricers. Theirs a possibility that they could be all "riced out" though, but the word rice is really meant for the front wheel drive Sh!T TECH HUndahs and toyotas.

But still, great Kill. 3 cars by 60 Mph is pretty amazing.

Tell us what modds you have on your car.