First time racing at the track


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Oct 24, 2006
This was about 10 years ago. My car was a regular buick regal with an 1986 turbo regal drivetrain,the color was maroon with a landau roof, flat hood,column shift and chrome trim it looked stock and sounded about the same as stock with a hooker exhaust. The wheels were Weld pro stars with Firestone firehawk radials 255-60-15 rear and 215-65-15 front.

When i got on the track i drove around the water box and never did a burnout as a matter of fact i didn't even rev the engine up before stageing. The car in the other lane was a turbo regal we4 and the guy did a big smokey burnout like he was John Force, lol. I waited for him to pre stage first before i did and then stage before i did. He red lighted and was gone, but i waited for the green light before i left the starting line and i left off idle no spoolup at all. I drove around him before the end of the track for the win,not because he red lighted. haha. That had to be funny to watch i wish someone had videoed it. I was just there to get used to driving on a drag strip and to experience the lights and the track conditions.

I had a few mods done to the engine; GN1 heads,204-214 edelbrock cam,50lb injectors with extender chip,kb headers,kb front mount,te-54 turbo,th400 with 3500 stall.