First Time!

Last night I jumped in the Turbo T and made a pass. Didnt want to mess nothing up so I decided to let the car shift itself. So I turn out with this

Atmore Dragway (Atmore,AL)

reaction: .090 (deep staged)
I1: 2.531
I2: 6.951

E.T: 10.794
MPH: 61.802

93 octane, nice cool air, car freshly warmed up, street tires with a peg leg, stock motor and turbo, with 42lbs. line off and 36lbs. line on of fuel pressure, with a dynotech stage 5 chip that was in the car when i bought it. The car highest shift point was 4600 rpm and launching with 5lbs or so of boost, 10lbs down the track with the car in OD. The shift from 1 to 2 surged then criped the tires. And guessing with the car in OD at the end of track it was surging for OD.

I guess what I am sayings is that was a good time for the car doing the shifting but not when that converts to a 16.8 in the 1/4 its not.

I am building a 4.1 now, just wondering would shifting myself and a better chip would put me at a better time of 9.80 or something.

What is the shift point for stock? is it 5k or 5400rpms?

A TT chip for 93 octane?

No one has no numbers for the DynoTech chip, no even DynoTech they say "High Boost, very aggressive chip!":confused:
I would not manual shift a 200 trans. Also leave it in D not OD

10s in the 1/8th are horrible, what is your goal with the car?

You also need a scantool in the car if you're going to be racing it. Like a scanmaster. A way to monitor A/F ratio is a good idea too. My guess is the dynotech chip is not helping you.

Also 10psi is below stock level...stock is around 12psi.

Check out Turbo Regal Web Site that site has tons of info for getting your TR running great.