Fontana strip


Aug 16, 2009
Ok at fontana in the long as tech line.

Goals 1.6 60 ft.
11.8 1/4

Yes i will have video.
Can you ask some official 'in the know' about the Friday night drags that have supposed to be happening for a year now (but haven't yet:redface:)

Good luck with your goals, may the wicked crosswinds there be calm for your passes:D

Man it kinda empty here.1 hour till race time and there is no line to get in. Just a row on the tech line that's it. Yeah my bad the first line I was in was to enter the tech area. Cleared it in 10 min.
How'd it go Flaco?

Did pretty good man. Best run was a 1.7 60ft and an 11.8 1/4. Was at 21 pounds of boost. It was freakin hot out though. Got some good vids I will post them up later. There was this vw bus with a blown 454 that gave me a run for my money. Reeled him in at the end. After that I just kept hitting several 12.0 which was fine I met my goal.
Very cool!:D
Looking forward to the vids.

Im having issues loading up the ones from my girls camera. Here's one that I filmed using my phone. Beating up an srt-4. Man I screwed up I wish I would have used my phone for a vw bug that pulled a sick ass wheelie next to me ( almost sh*t my pants:eek:) and the VW bus with the blown 454. My Evo 4G rules. I have Limo tint all the way around and it still filmed the race really well.

YouTube - GN Vs Srt-4
Any time you take down a blown big block with a harmless lil' V6...that's good killin':D and well worth a little dookie in the shorts.

I can relate tho.
At Fontana a couple weeks back, they lined me up against this monster 68 Camaro in the pic. That guy left big n' loud with his wheels up and it scared the stew out of me so bad that I overboosted and broke loose...I spun the tires for the first 200 feet.... He went a low 9 to my low 12.


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cool pic. I figured the Vw bus had somthing in it when it took off like a bat out of hell. I saw it run before I raced it and it was hitting 14s. F*cker was sand bagging he hit a 12.4 to my 12.0 The owners came up to me and asked me if I was expecting that out of a VW, I said no, but I did expect to spank that ass.:D I was thinking that a big motor like that should be going faster than 12's. maybe it wasn't really supped up, still cool watching it run down the track.
He might not have been tuned to the max....but that aint your problem :D I spanking is a spanking.:cool:

Post up your full time slip.

Rule of thumb is for every 0.10 you knock off the 60, you'll get about 0.15 off the ET.
HA:D....I had to watch your video a couple times to orient myself.

When I first watched it, I thought you were right lane and SRT was left. As you walked him and panned behind, I didn't see anyone in what I thought was the drivers seat of your GN so I thought.

"FLACO is a little fella!!!!!"
"How's he seein' where he's goin' over the steering wheel???"

Once I figured out I had the lanes all made sense.:D

Good run!
Yeah the front camera on the phone flips everything around. Will post slips later I left em in my bros truck.
LOL...when he got out ahead of you, you had to be thinking, "Oh holy snap! :eek:Really?":confused:

Good thing you were getting aroud him at the 1/8 and setting things in the world right again. :D
Getting beat to school by the short bus would have been hard to take...:D

Great vids, Flaco....keep 'em coming.