For sale. 200r4


Feb 8, 2015
I have a 200r4 from my 86 GN for sale.
It was rebuilt with some upgraded hardened parts and a shift kit about 2 years ago by paul porior. Rated sround 4-500hp.
It has approx 2000kms on it, 5-6 track passes. Works flawlessly, never had a problem. Fluid is still bright red. Came out of my GN

2000$ OBO
Buying a trans to handle my Hp rating. Need gone ASAP
just seen this now.. i am located in kingsville ontario near windsor.. as i can remember, a seal kit,friction plates, bushing, a hardened stator and i think it has a HD solenoid and HD pump.. if I'm correct, was about 2 years ago.