For Sale: NOS wheather stipping package


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I am selling as a package only. $600+ shipping. Part#s are 20737659, 20737658, 206742278,20255857, 25558394 Chris


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So these are for doors & windows correct? I didnt check the numbers so I ASSume thats what they are for? When were they purchased? Definately NOS looking stuff from pics.
PM me if you like? No promises of buying but interested.
Back up for sale

Sold! Thank you Jeff. Chris

The seals are back up for sale. Here is a copy from the pm I got from Jeff so that you guys know that there was no issue with the parts. Price is now $500+shipping. The door seal box has both sides in it not one. These seals were bought around 2002. Maybe people don't realize just what is here for seals. If you are planning a resto or just trying to clean up your GN, some of these are very hard to find in NOS Chris

I have been busy with work and won't be able to get to the bank until Sat. or Monday. I will let you know when I send it out.
Jeff Rand