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Jul 1, 2003
I have a chevy question and this is the best place where I can get the answer I need. It´s my 72 chevelle I´m talking about.
I plan to put a 454 LS6 engine (450hp) in and I wonder if a 2004r can handle this. I know some guys put the 2004r behind 900hp cars, so I guess with some work it should be good enough for this torque monster.
What do you think?

I need an OD transmission, to get a better gas/mileage since I have a 3.73 rear axle in now. So what would you recomend?

My old plans were to put a 383 stroker in that car, and some guys around here told my the OG valve body of the 2004r trans I own now is a pretty bad valvebody for that engine. I was told to use at least an AA (BRF or CRZ would be the best) vb. I´m still trying to find informations to know what the different is between all the valve bodies, but the only thing I found yet was a site posted here on the forum, telling me behind what enigine the trans was. But I still don´t know why all the guys are so hot for the brf or crzs´.
What vb would be a good one for a 454 cid torque monster?

Juergen S
set up with the right parts the 2004r will work great and no matter what valve body you use. you will have to customise the shifting for that combo. a 4l80e with a tci controler would be a good set up also, but more $$.
Good to hear, thanks.

So it really doesn´t matter what VB I use? Even the OG?
Where can I get some good informations on VBs?

What would you recomend for this combo?

Juergen S
Keep talking to LV GN he knows what hes doing and wont stear you wrong.