Formula SAE


Tall Unvaccinated Chinese Guy
Dec 14, 2004
Great video.

Looks a concept copy of a car my buddy and I had build one with a 600cc Yamaha single cylinder in college (1989). We build it from scratch. (Bend and welded the frame tubing, made the A-arms, etc) The intake was restricted to 18mm and it ran on M85. It was called Formula SAE.
This was a national student design competition sponsored by SAE. We placed 5th out of 43 colleges nationwide.

Handling was superb - pulled 1.05G on the skid pad.
It was underpowered but I selected the single cylinder to give some low end torque for the endurance race, etc. It was FUN!

I remember the "Solar Car" race and "Super mileage" as well.
Damn, those were fun days. Hard work, no pay, but not a lot of worries besides beer and gas money! ;)

Anyone on here involved in any of those competitions?
I do FSAE... on the Univ. of Illinois team. :cool:

Competition is very, very tight now. 140 spots at competition usually fill within an hour. They have the Detroit and a West competition in the US, along with competitions in England, Australia, Japan, and I believe are going to Europe and South America this year. Its quite a bit past the "drink beer and have fun" stage... senior design members spend hours and hours working on the cars.

I'll have to try to find a couple pictures...