Front air dam

1984 t-type

Murphy's Law
What front air damn is this ?
kenne bell , TA performance remade them in the dual inlet version

the center scoop is designed to slide into the stock 86-87 intercooler shroud scoop
the driver side inlet was for a flexible duct pipe that ran to an air cleaner housing (for an 8" KN style cone air cleaner) to give a sort of ram air
the passenger side inlet used a flexible pipe to a cone like a lampshade that sat by the radiator to direct air to cool the 86-87 turbo

all gimmicks but they looked cool
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I mounted a trans cooler in the center section scoop of mine. Really funnels the air to the cooler. Love the looks them.
As in the bottom of the air dam / scoop being the leading edge and angling back up to the bumper?
Exactly, if it angled the other way, it would look goofy. :) If I could design the perfect air dam, it would:

1) Extend downwards more than stock; maybe another inch or two deeper, but not so much that it catches on every curb or speed-bump...just enough to make an airflow difference and limit the amount of air sweeping under the front of the car.

2) Be angled so the bottom edge led the edge where it bolts to the bumper, perhaps a 25 - 30-degree angle would be perfect.

3) Have cutouts as the Kennebell unit does.

That Kennebell air dam is just about perfect; if an angled one existed that otherwise looked similar, I'd be saving up to order one toute de suite. :D