front cap a common question?


Move against the Jedi 1st
I'm probably asking a common question, but hey...cant blame me for asking. My TR has survived catagory 4 Hurricanes and has survived over 16 years of my abuse, but last month she couldnt survive the butt of a 9 yr old boy! Was in my garage digging thru my old parts bin when my nephew and his friends were curious as to what I was up to and got bored enough to decide without my knowledge to SIT on my front bumper...then as my body bent over to pick up some new brake pads I heard this blood curdling "CRAAACK!" come from where nephews friend was sitting!!!! My head snapped up so fast I heard my neck crackle with sinews! "WTF!!!!!!" I screamed and the poor boy jumped off my car with arms flailing like someone had Shocked him with a cattle prod!!...Too late...the fiberglass edges that held up what years of abuse and mother nature could not destroy, were defeated. ALL 3 of the top anchor points had Snapped as if someone had bit them off. ALL THREE!!!...Sorry for the theatrics but I just needed to share my misery...
So...where would be a good place to look for a new front cap for our TRs? theyre genericly a normal mid 80's Regal front cap and easy to find? yes? no? where? TIA Now for door skins...