Front cover and water pump painted or not?


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Feb 2, 2008
Were the front cover and water pump painted black when the TR'S were new from the factory?
I think the front cover was painted with the water pump on, but the water pump was basically whatever overspray got on it. Don't think it was meant to be completely covered.
I don't believe that the engine on my 87 gn had ever been out until recently. I inspected them thoroughly before cleaning and there were no coats of paint or major overspray on any of the cast alluminum parts. This includes the front timing cover, water pump, valve covers, intake. My lower intake did have a small amount of overspray on it which may or may not have been done at the factory.
The front cover wasn't painted or more to the point it wasn't completly painted. May have had some overspray on it.
My orig 11,658 mile motor was painted more than just overspray along with the water pump in black, covered nearly 75%. Just my experience.