front mount ?


'Stang Stinger
Jun 7, 2003
taxes coming soon! what's the best/easiest to install front mount? how much performance gain? i have heard 1/2 second or better. is this true?
i have heard 1/2 second or better. is this true?

Well, yeah supposed to be but.....

Before, you invest in that you need to figure out whats wrong with your car. You should be running faster than that with the mods you've listed. Was the stock convertor killing you with that turbo or what?
yes, the convertor, and the delayed shift due to cavitation were holding me back some, i'm sure. fixed that with the pat's convertor and the pts pan kit. the car defintely pulls harder now, just haven't had a chance to get back to the track yet. plus my only run was a sh!!ty night at the track anyway. it was a bracket night and there were 3 spills on the track that night. we finally get in line for the trees and BAM! someone blows a rear. waited about another hour, then only had about a minute for the car to warm up. don't even know if i was in closed loop or not. it was dark and i couldn't see how much boost i left with because i don't have the light on the gauge hooked up yet. i couldn't hear crap because of all the open header cars! don't know if i spun or not, but i definitely feel a seat of the pants difference now. again, any reccomendations on a particular brand for fit/installation/quality? looking to spend betw. 700-1000 $. thanks.
Well, if you search PTE was having a deal on theres for 799. I think its up but you might give them a call and see. Its supposed to be a good unit for the money. Good fit and easy to install from what I've read on here.