Fuel Guage Question?


Nice Monte...
Aug 18, 2001
I purchased a fuel guage from jegs...the 1 1/2 guage that mounts on the fuel rail...there's only one problem...

The gauge has a 1/8 "pipe thread" male end coming out the bottom, and I have to "adapt" it to a 1/4 male schrader valve from the fuel rail...so I need a female-to-female "1/8 pipe thread to a 1/4 flare," like what's on our fuel rails...

I have been EVERYWHERE in my hometown (which isn't saying much) but no-one seems to have this fitting:mad: I even called jegs, and their technical people said that even they don't have an adapter for this situation!!!

I know that it exists, b/c I've seen this specific guage mounted exactly the way I want... :

Has ayone ever run into this problem? Thanks, John
I just recently mounted my Fp gauge on the rail and had the same problem. First off, the adaptor you need is actually -04AN female to 1/8NTP female; the schrader valve is JIC thread and the gauge is pipe thread. I finally had one made at a gasket company here in town (Bowling Green Rubber & Gasket Co.) but I've been told that Earl's has them or can make them up for you. Hope this helps.