Fuel pressure sensor with fast sportsman

Howling Mad

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Aug 23, 2010
Just wondering where everyone is getting there power for the fps, also if you had to change the voltage offset for it
I assume you have a 5V sensor?
Get a good quality crimper, cut the TPS 5V feed, and add a pig tail.

You can also get a 12V sensor if you decide not to add the pig tail to the TPS pin.

On the XFI 2.0, there is a wire harness available that uses the EGR circuit for a 12V sensor, which is plug and play. Don't know if it works on the Sportsman.

The XFI manual has the info how to calculate the sensor gain and offset.
I don't have XFI but I do have a fuel pressure sensor for powerlogger. I also got my 5v from the TPS.
What does it show with a mechanical gauge? Just to verify if it is off.
My fuel pressure guage quit after about a month with my sportsman. Mine is hooked into the EGR loom. anybody have a schematic on this circuit?
What transducer are you using? I am using a Holley and it is a 5v transducer. If you are showing 42psi on a mechanical gauge then either the transducer is bad or you might check to see that you have settings right in the xfi for the transducer you are using. I am not familiar with xfi but I would have to imagine there are settings for the added inputs.