fuel pump doesnt stop rinning


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Oct 18, 2010
:mad: ok im kinda new to the buick world but here goes i gotta an 87 gn when i got it it had bad transmission while i had the tranny oput i put a ported stock heads, diamond pistons,new cam ,lifters,injectors,chip, and tranny so when i got it back together the pump runs all the time and it runs very rich with the coolant light on the dash on but my mechanical gauge shows 160 or so considering the tranny was bad i never drove it and still hadnt it has a caspers hotwire kit it runs better cold than warm i got a temp sensor fixen to go put it on and try that i will let yall know what happens so any other ideas what could cause all this please help
yes when the keys is on or engine running fuel pump runs all the time . thought temp sensor may be causing the flooding i put one in it last night the temp light on dash went off but still very very rich and the fuel pump still doesnt go off maybe the regulator is bad ? i turned the adjustment screw al the way in and it helps a lil seems like on it running so rich but fuel pump continue to run wide open
Of course, your pump does run all the time when the engine is running. If it runs all the time with just the key on, and engine not running, it's probably a faulty fuel pump relay. The fuel pump running shouldn't really have anything to do with your rich condition.
Check your wiring set up on the Fuel Pump Hotwire and be sure all leads are going where they are supposed to. Also if a defective (grounded) "hot wire" relay is running off your FP test lead the fuel pump will continue to run even with the key and engine off............... Don't ask me how I know.