Fuel pumps, hanger, 3 gauge pod, 70mm tb, biggie filter adapter


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Garage sale, all prices include priority mail shipping, all assume gift thru paypal, otherwise add 3%
walbro 430 fuel pump, this is the new style, usa made, WILL NOT WORK WITH STOCK FUEL LINES (at least not on my car) moves a lot of fuel and is nice and quiet. Installed for 5 min and removed. $90

Walbro 255 on stock hanger, sending unit for analog gauge, all worked like a champ when removed a couple months ago. Includes locking ring. $60

Triple gauge pod, good shape, paint matches gray interior nicely, has a small hole for alky indicator light and a couple scratches where i tucked it under the headliner trim. $sold

Rjc biggie oil filter adapter, switched to turbosaver and no longer need, $10

Accufab 70mm billet throttle body, used for a day and removed, perfect shape. Only gasket i have is the vacuum block one for the top. $sold


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