fuel rail valve


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
Is the fuel rail valve the same as the ones in ac units and bike tires mine is leaking were i check my fuel press.
What you are dealing with is just a basic valve like the tire, but I would not recommend using one from a tire . The rubber seal probably would not withstand exposure to fuel. I have seen a lot of guys fix that leak by adding an under the hood pressure gauge. Its functional, looks good and you need one to tune that beast anyway.
I have a fuel press gauge that screws on and has a ss line with a cheep little gauge on it but i was told not to run it on , to take it off when i am done checking it. i wish i could keep it on there.
There are hood mount gauges that are left screwed on all of the time. Maybe the issue is the "cheap little gauge." I don't see any problem leaving the gauge on as long as you are sure it wont leak or break. The other el cheapo fix would be to put a new cap on the valve and tighten it till the leak stops. I dont recommend it, but have seen it work. I personally would get a quality gauge and forget about it. I personally love the look of KB's hood mount fp gauge. Old school is cool.
Anyone know any good fuel pressure guages that don't cost an arm and a leg?