Full e85 or 50/50 mix


Any thoughts on straight e85 or 50/50 gas-e85 mix I have stock motor 42.5 injectors ta 49 downpipe and exhaust also have 7th injector kit if that would help. Want to stay with in tank fuel pump and I have multiple chip options.
i've been running 50/50 since 2004 with what i think are stock injectors and a stock chip in a stock ecm.
i get all the benefits of the E85- more power, more boost, etc- but without the downside of lower mpg i get when i run it straight.
Ya, your tune might have consistency issues since you're never going to have the exact mix every time. So if you were to mix I'd want something like an AEM wideband gauge in my pillar so I knew what's up.

With those tiny injectors I think your better off mixing 50/50 so keep the boost and timing somewhat conservative IMO.