Garage sale


Hey guys selling misc parts from my 87 GN. Its been a few years since I have been on here so my GN lingo might be off.

1. Braided PTFE fuel lines set up for E85. Includes Russel filter and fittings. I know I paid over $800 for this set up has about 200 miles on it. Asking $300 Shipped
2. Art Carr TC. I don't know what stall or miles. I bought it and never installed. SOLD
3. Passenger front plastic fender. I bought it to replace my beat up one. Its in decent condition. $100 + shipping
4. Down pipe SOLD

Ill get pictures up in a few
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Pics of fuel line
Set up for what size fittings?

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Ill look at the part number. Ill get you guys pics when I get home. The fuel lines are 8an to and 6an return