Gas up before April 1st.


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I believe one of these CARB idiots read this board.

Our wonderful CARB passed a rule requiring new dispenser nozzles a gas stations. The change over costs about $7000/pump. Carb waited until Oct 2008 to approve the least expensive nozzle. I have been seen these lately and dont like them.
The independent owned stations dont have $30,000 + dollars laying around and have run into 2 issues in meeting the deadline.
First the mfgr of the least expensive nozzle is overloaded with orders.
Second many independents have not been able to obtain financing to purchase the nozzles.
The independents formed a group and pleaded with CARB to extend the deadline - the plea fell on deaf ears.
A legislator from Roseville has introduced emergency legislation to extend the deadline one year.
CARB could care less that thousands of independent dealers will be unable to sell gas beginning April 1, 2009.
We could be seeing gas lines and higher prices at company owned stations after Apr 1.
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