gen6 dfi files for 72's


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Nov 9, 2003
hey everyone, been trying to get my beast fired off with no luck at all. i was fouling plugs really bad but leaned it out and still cant get it fired. i would appreciate any files for 72lb injectors. its starting to be discouraging. i am ready to go racing. thank in advance.
jeremy walters
well i got it running the other day finally. the motor was so fuel fouled it was innsane. i swaped in some 55s and a stock/modded ecu and chip, clear flood mode and voila!! i smoked the shop out bigtime. any way i still need a good base program for 72s. if any one has a good one i would appreciate it.
jeremy walters:D
try the accel web site. They have some down loads there.
Also i heard that white racin is a good place to work with.