GM Hight Tech/GNX CLONE, Heath elmer???


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I was wondering If anybody has a copy Of the GM HIGH TECH PERFORMANCE, Which has Heath Elmer's Buick GNX CLONE it has a pic of it on the cover and if not mistaken the front The cover says as subtle as a sledghammer.
If anybody is willing to part with it I am interested somebody borrowed mine and never returned from my car at one of the shops.
I beleive it was a 1999 issue.
Check with GMHT to see if you can order a back issue. They are usually around $5. You are looking for the May 2000 issue. I am holding it in my lap now. I'm sorry I'm not interested in selling it though, but when i do sell it I'd like to let all my mags go at once. I've read them hundreds of times each it seems. I must have several dozen mags I got mostly off Ebay just for an article on a turbo Regal somewhere in it.