GN dead on the 1-2 shift


Hi. Looking for a TR mechanic/tech/shop in the Atlanta area or possibly the southeastern US. Sunday drive GN shuddered, coughed, banged and died instantly on the 1-2 shift about 80% throttle. Able to coast quite far and pull off the road. Flat bed ride home. It didn't sound very good at all. No codes, will spin (oddly very slowly and clunking noise), but no start. Seems like something catastrophic may have happened internally. Has fuel pressure and spark. No coolant in oil. No oil in coolant. Can push car in neutral and trans holds car in park. The VERY slow engine spin by the starter with full battery charge and the odd rhythmic clunk/bang on each revolution has me worried. Would a hurt/broken torque convertor act this way? Seems like the engine would still fire if convertor bad but it's spinning so slowly doubtful it would. Really would like this to go to someone with lots of experience because if it's bad I may elect to do some upgrades at the same time. Thanks
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My immediate thought is broken timing chain. Aftermarket? Stock? Miles on it?
Hi. 72k on car. Aftermarket. TRW or Cloyes roller more than likely (It's been a few years). Does have a roller cam from ATR. Probably less than 5000 miles on rebuild from 2002. Poor thing has to live on my car lift so doesn't get to go out and play as often as I'd like.
If you pull a valve cover, you can see if the valvetrain is moving when turning the engine. I would put a socket on the crank. Might have to remove the intercooler to get good access.
Bump it with the starter. A half of a revolution or so will tell u if it's still connected. If it's junk now, a half turn or so isn't gonna change anything.
Thanks for all the help guys. I just had hip surgery 2 weeks ago so really can't do a whole lot of wrenching right now.....You should've seen me just trying to jump A and B on the ALDL.
She's going to a shop. She ran a 11.80 at 121 on drag radials at Commerce a couple years ago before they closed. I'd like to see the low-mid 10's. Build the 109 again or go S1?
I'm currently looking at Typhoons and Cyclones for another addition to the stable. If anything happens to my 3.8, I'm gonna stick a 4.3 in here and never look back! I'll do my own turbo kit too. Bigger ports, interchangeability to 350 Chebbie parts, and15% more displacement before I put a stroker in it!
I owned a Syclone from 1992 to 1996. Damn there was a bunch of stuff crammed under that hood from the factory. And I thought the GN was tough to wrench on. Lots of fun though.