GN1 Stroker Rotating assembly (Brand new)


Jan 19, 2022
GN1 Long rod stroker kit. Brand new, bought in November directly from GN1. Never used. Changed direction with a TA block and custom pistons so no use for this kit. 3.625 4340 crank. H beam 6.350 rods, JE 020 over pistons with a 3.82 bore.. Calico main and rod bearings. ARP rod and main studs. Flex plate neutral balanced, ARP flex plate bolts, oil space guard, and pick up and screen. Paid $3300 for everything, asking $2850. Located in Pittsburgh but willing to ship.


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Hello, very interested in kit but, have good running motor that is already bored .030, can you find out if GN1 will exchange the pistons? Thanks, John 386-292-6417 in Lake City, Fl
That's about as chicken shit as it gets....🖕Let me guess, they are no longer your go to for parts?
But I bought the parts from them in October and I don't know anyone that takes back parts that long ago. I can't fault them for that.
What did you do with the original 109 block? Still have it? If I bought the whole kit from you WITH the block, I will have a complete shortblock with forged TRW .030 stock rods and stock crank...balanced with all machine work done by Don Cruz to accept RJC girdle and I believe a .004 under Rollmaster timing set, to sell out of my car. My wife dropped everything off at Don's house in Valrico in 2007 or 2008. Not sure what paperwork I got back from him then, since it was dropped at his house. My best friend, Albert Sloan bought Ritchie Balcoms 86' around the same time. If you're willing to sell me the block, we can work something out after I sell my shortblock. My Mmtor has less than 5K miles, no track time but, it also hasn't been driven much. Let me know what you think? Thanks, John Lynn 386-243-0235 or 386-292-6417

My car has the GEN II translator with 60lb Motrons, LC1 wideband, 3" downpipe, powdercoated TA headers and crossover, Champion ported irons with Ferrea valves, beehives, Titanium retainers, Howards custom pushrods, ported intake with EGR delete, custom ground roller cam, Morrell roller lifters with GM spider holddown, roller rockers (can't remember brand right now. Although, they were not cheap!) , billet cam button, Rollmaster chain set, forged TRW .030 dished pistons,, balanced stock crank and rods, RLC girdle with scraper, (new back then) GM timing cover with Earl Brown mods, Bowling Green SLIC, dual ramair fans, coldair intake with 12" K&N filter, billet catch can, Hartline engraved aluminum valve covers (bought from Brian at the first TurboBuick nationals in NC), ALKY control, 6265 journal bearing turbo with aftermarket waste gate actuator, RJC LARGE puck in downpipe, 140 amp alternator, stainless upper radiator 'hose', F-body large radiator, TurboTweak chip for cam and alky, BIG ass in tank pump from, 10" 2800 stall convertor, hardened input shaft, billet pump rings, .550 boost and 300 (something) reverse boost valve, pump body machined, extra 4th friction, billet shaft forward drum, commercial/truck frictions throughout, mic'ed for clearances, rollerized Lo/reverse, adjustable billet servo with WIDE, welded band, Eaton 3:42 posi, BIG BMR rear swaybar and solid lowers, Metco adjustable uppers. Probably left a few things out, like new AC lines, compressor, stereo, new interior etc. Everything assembled with ARP bolts, studs where needed.

The most recent test drive provided the impetus to get crank and rods, as I blew the 1985 Hotair steel headgaskets. Scared the shit out of my wallet!
Car is very fast (with my tuning), would be MUCH faster with a real tuner! The stock crank and rods worry me too much!

Let me know what you think? Would need definite deal in the works before I sell my shortblock.

Thanks for your time in reading my short romance, hope to hear from you soon.

Located in Lake City, Fl 386-243-0235 or 386-292-6417

Also, as an aside, I build transmissions? Trade? Partial trade? Have rebuilt TH400 with COAN transbrake VB and/or could build 200-4R. I have multiple cores of each. Just something else to think about?

EDIT: Does NOT have spider holddown under intake, has noisy Morrells with bar. Also, has 3.5" MAF with polished pipe.
EDIT again: See, too much to remember...Billet GBody/GN wheels, staggered; Front: 7" with MT street tires and Rear: 8" with 295-60 ET Streets
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I have the factory motor in the car right now but I have a very nice factory block from Richard Clark that I am selling as well. It doesn't even need bored out 20 over its so nice. I will sell that for $800. I had RPM tranmissions build me a 4L80.