GNS Performance "GNX style Dash Inserts"

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To date we have sold over 65 GNS Custom "GNX style" Dash's since we came out with them in 2016. We have made a few changes to them in terms of the mounting which made them much easier to install now, plus the gauge manufacture has made some changes to their gauge line up which made them more accurate and reliable and with that said we have had very few issues with our dash's. 3 Minor sensor malfunctions so far which was part of that manufacture change.

We have made ours "Plug n Play" with the exception of running 2 of the gauge wires (which plug into the gauge & plug into the sender) and that's it !! also with more "Options" than ever before! The gauges & Senders are Made in the USA and carry a Lifetime warranty for each!

Our dash's work on:
"Analog" dash cars
"Digital" dash cars
XFI & Aftermarket ECU equipped cars

*** Does Not work on column shift cars due to not seeing the shift indicator...

To see Pricing and all the features of each gauge, please visit our web page at:

This is our "Classic" dash - Billet aluminum bezels, Black gauge face with white numbers
Classic Dash 1.jpg

This is our "Phantom" dash - Black bezels, White gauge face & black numbers
Phantom dash 100%.jpg

This is our "Revolution" dash - All black with white numbers
Revolution Dash.jpg

This is our "RT" dash - Black bezels, Silver gauge face, Black numbers
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