GNS Performance Holiday Specials

scot w.
Feb 19, 2005
We just posted our Holiday Specials on our website The Biggest discounts in Years! Anyone wishing for a better price on our popular GNS Dash inserts? You better act fast!


PS: As usual we want to make everyone happy during our sales events so if you were wanting something and it's not on sale please give us a call @ 865-680-4008 and we will do our very best to discount it for you.

Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Hi Scot,. The price says shipped, but it's charging $30 shipping at checkout. Is this correct?
"Revolution Dash" GNX style Dash
Ok, We were not done editing the website yet for this sale. with that steep of a discount we couldn't do free shipping on top of it.. This is the Biggest discount on our dashes Ever! The dash's started out at $1,560.00 then we redesigned them and eliminated a process and parts so we brought the price down $160.00 to $1,400.00 and with our sale right now it's 10% off that $1,400 !!!
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Think its 10% off that $1400. Which is why my wife doesnt know shes getting me a late christmas present. Lol.

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Tried to buy today. Still rings up 1400$
Like (czimpel) said.... You have to enter the code EXACTLY as this Holiday10 during check out in the cart... Calling us is also WAY faster in getting a response from us or direct help. Unlike several other vendors, At GNS we do answer our phones! (y)
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Got one on order. I'll post up pics when it comes in. :)

Mike B.
Which one did you order Spool? I'm having anxiety deciding which one to pick!:confused: I really like the Revolution GNX style one. That's which one I'm leaning towards.