GNX 464 For Sale with Pics and Detailed Description


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Nov 9, 2009
GNX 464 For Sale, factory ordered by Richard Marriot. With a letter of written permission from GM he also had a ASC moon roof installed before delivery (documented) In the earlier years Richard, around 90' had a 4.1 liter stage 1, motor built for the car by Kenny Duttweiler along with installing an Art Carr built 200R4. Since my purchase of the car in 2011' I have completely gone though every component of the car top to bottom. I have rebuilt the suspension, brakes, engine, transmission, rear end and all supporting mechanicals. Car currently shows somewhere around 46000 miles. I have also completely detailed every component, nut and bolt before installation, here's the breakdown:

Re-sprayed sometime in the 90's, gloss blacked out all trim at that time, since I have put a lot of the car back to original, headlight bezels, grill, door handles and locks are all the correct matte black. Yet to be corrected are the front and rear window trim, taillight trim and fender vents are still currently gloss black. Overall 9/10 paint, car is straight, no dings. Blems- small area where paint has peeled on the lower RR GNX flare, small area by the moon roof where paint lifted but not peeled.

All original, cleaned and detailed, center console armrest, added are a scamaster2, auto meter wideband and boost gauges and audible knock gauge, 90's Clifford alarm with flashing park lamp, ign kill, keyless locks and trunk. Medium tint on all 5 windows.

Front- completely dis-assembled, upper and lower control arms refinished, moog replacement upper/lower balljoints, and bushings pressed in, new moog replacement steering components. Zinc plated cross drilled rotors, bearings, callipers. Bilstein shocks
Rear- removed and refinished torsion and panhard bar, new hardware.. Original aluminum drums refinished black. Bilstein shocks

4.1 Stage 1 block, Eagle internally balanced stock stroke crank, BHJ dampener, Billet 2+3 caps, H beam rods, custom Ross pistons .030 over, ARP main, head and header studs, TA aluminum street intimidator heads, 1.65 T&D rockers, Comp roller 215/220 cam(full throttle speed grind), ported intake manifold, H&R mounts, 6466 CEA DBB, GN1 front mount, Griffin Aluminum rad, dual fans, RJC 3' downpipe, ATR full stainless exhaust with stainless pitbull mufflers, TA stainless race headers/crossover. SM ported 62mm throttle body, RJC plate, 3.5" Maf/Translator, custom air intake, 60 lb injectors, RJC black Billet crank and water pump pullies, Razors alcohol, TT chip, repro GNX turbo shield notched for DP

Art Carr trans refreshed with quality clutches and frictions, deep sump pan, billets servo, BRH custom trans cooler with fan , 3500 9/11 TCS L/U convertor, B&M quick silver shifter

Rear End:
New bearings and seals, correct US gear 3:42 gear set installed, Moser factory replacement axles.

Hand washed the underside of the body and left factory original finsh(too nice to paint), frame/fenderwells has been refinished semigloss black, new Spectra gas tank with 300 lph fuel pump/updated hanger and hotwired.

Original parts included with sale:
GNX intercooler, original radiator and fan, original factory EQ radio "0324" and factory speakers, original gas tank, correct plug wires, injectors and regulator, original shifter and cable, GNX boost gauge, original air box, original up pipe(chrome), GNX turbo shield(modified for dp and chrome), repro trans cooler brackets, coil pack/module,

I built this car myself and will prepare it how ever the new owner wishes to receive it from "as is" to "roller plus original parts"....send me parts and I can make that happen too. Currently the car has 17" centerlines and an aftermarket stereo I will be removing and bolting on the factory correct GNX wheels and re installing the factory EQ stereo and speakers. If you have any questions it's best to reach me direct at: History fully documented by the GNX registry/ Doug Nigro. According to Doug this is one of a handful of GNX's with an ASC moon roof. Car is located in Kelowna BC, 2 hours north of the Oroville WA border, I will assist in transport to the WA border cross and am aligned with US brokers to streamline the whole operation if required. $80 000 USD or entertaining the idea of $60 000 USD as a roller. Send me you favorite 109'/200R4 trans and I can make that happen too. If interested reach me direct at:
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