GNX for sale...

I like to offer 40k without documentation no window and nothing to verify it’s a real gnx I think it’s a fair offer most if not all parts can be put on a regular GN
I am selling my GNX. Please read this post entirely because there are several issues with the car. I see that it has been mentioned here on the forum. I'm going to be entirely honest about everything and I would appreciate for people to not give me opinions on how this car ended up the way it is.(respectfully) it is what it is and until you have walked in my shoes, I don't want to hear anything about it. I'm not going to post pictures, if you are truly interested in the car, you can contact me otherwise and go from there.
The car is #276 and the last 6 of the VIN is 448817 if you would like to verify. It's listed on the registry. The mileage is just over 2,000 miles (I will get the exact number later). The car is originally from Alabama and was only trailered to shows and then sold with about 400 miles on it. From there it was driven to Michigan which brought the mileage up to around 1,200. That owner put another 700 miles on it. I purchased the car in 2000 and had it trailered to CA and it had 1,900 miles. Since then the only mileage accumulated was to take it for annual smog testing and occasional drive resulting in just over 2,000 miles.
The car has everything original on it except for the battery and I believe the spark plugs have been changed as well as oil filter. There was a jacket with it but that was sold separately some time ago. I do have some other articles and the paperwork that it came with but I will have to dig that all up when the time comes. I also have one of James Ibuskis (not sure if I spelled that correctly) original prints but it's not #276, as that one was already bought at the time. I will have to look and see what number it is.
Here's the issues, which are all cosmetic in nature. The car has several small dents. To make a long story short, the place in which I was storing it at the time was a family friend having his own issues, and the car was damaged from his son throwing a fit and my car was the victim. So there is one dent in the roof which can easily be repaired and one on the hood. The rest of the issues are paint issues. The car needs a repaint. I have the paint.
The fillers on the bumpers are cracked and gone. I did just purchase the front ones, they will need to be painted also as they come unpainted. The antennae quit working some time ago but has been replaced. The pad under the hood is gone because the mice got into it. They never did get anywhere in the car so the interior remained perfect. I have 2 pit bull tire locks that I can sell with the car (they cost $500 each when I bought them).
When I bought the car I never intended for these things to happen and I did take care of it for as long as I could, but life has a way of ripping the rug out from underneath you when you least expect it. Things like 'surviving day to day' become a little more important.
If your interested you can contact me through the site I believe. This is still a low mileage car and I'm asking $60,000. I hope I have covered everything, but I'm sure there will still be questions.
How much did you end up selling car for??