GNX142 Sold Mecum 80K

1987 Buick Grand National GNX 142 276 HP, 4-Speed Automatic for sale by Mecum Auction








SOLD $80,000
Seems to me that the buyer got a smoking hot deal on that car:eek:


Holy cow I guess.................. I woulda bought that car for 80,000. just give me a few min's to visit a local bank.. hehehehehe I wish. That is sweeeeeet
I've watched that auction on tv countless times and never seen a TR. for sale. Figures i'd miss the GNX.

That guy got a great deal. Lucky B*stard:smile:
No, the 80K was pre buyers fee's etc.

Not sure what the Meacom buyer fees are but I'm guessing 10-18%. Which makes it not so much of a great deal. Figuring 88k out the door, 1k transportation fees, buyers registration fee, plus buyers travel arrangements. This car most likely cost the buyer around 90k with everything considered.
I don't know if I would or could buy a car just to look at? Of course my check book already answered that question for me.......