Going to Relo To Dallas Area ... Any advice on areas?


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Jan 6, 2011
Any advice on area to move for a single guy ? Not sure yet if I am going to bring my GN store it for the time being as I will start out renting.

Was hearing things about

North Dallas

Any GN members in the area?
Plenty of Members in the area. I guess the question will be location of your employer?

Frisco is nice but hate the traffic to and from the area. Allen is another nice area. Richardson is more of an older neighborhood.
I live in Carrollton, just south of Frisco and Plano. Nice area and below the congestion of 121. There's a decent amount of turbo Buick guys in the area too!
Location of your gainful employment? If it is up that way I'd look for something close as traffic up that way is pretty undesireable at least six hours a day if there are not any wrecks.

I'm in S Arlington. I like it but it isn't what it was twenty years ago. I'd go further south but my mother likes it here so we moved close. We will see what happens as time marches on.
Like the guys said get close to your job if you can the traffic can be killer. There are good and bad neighborhoods all over the DFW area. And it is a large area. Lot's of TR's around. Local Buick club is at www.lspbcforums.com.

Welcome to Texas
I live in N Dallas near Addison...tons of nightlife in Addison but still close to dtown, sports etc.